Legal Floris LLC

Experienced investors but also the novice are exposed to a playing field where wins and losses lead to return on investment. Sometimes losses are the result of a default by the investment firm. As a consequence investors can try to hold the firm accountable for such losses. To protect the investment climate within the European Union, investor compensation is provided to those who qualify under different domestic European investor compensation schemes.

Legal Floris LLC provides bank creditors and victims of investment fraud, including those who experience losses triggered by regulatory intervention, with a holistic recovery program. Recovery is limited to losses resulting from impermissible acts that can be attributed to the investment advisor or the investment firm. Part of the recovery procedures contain a claim filing procedure with a domestic investor compensation scheme. Such schemes are not applicable to all investment schemes but those that qualify offer victims a compensation capped at 20.000 Euro.

For over a decade, the clientele of Legal Floris LLC benefits from its sophisticated and tactical approach towards indemnification. Instead of a traditional focus towards a liquidation, our objective is to provide maximum compensation for duped creditors in investment fraud and more traditional losses caused by mishaps. As long as the failing investment firm complies with the European directives that cover investment services in the securities field, investor compensation and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

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