About us

Investor Guarantee Claim is an initiative of Legal Floris LLC. Legal Floris LLC provides victims of investment fraud and creditors in bank failures a comprehensive fund recovery package to ensure, where possible and appropriate, repayment of investors’ funds from different sources. Victims of fraud are often deceived by hard to understand contracts and language they are not familiar with. The result can be that they engage in ultra-high risk investments and lose their investment on the spot. Behind the scenes, the broker or adviser already made his commission or earned a bonus. Not all investment opportunities are fraudulent and close attention must be given to the legitimacy of the offering. But, when fraud can be proven there is a wide range of actions that can be taken against fraudsters.

Depending on the investment that resulted in a loss for creditors, European Investment Compensation Schemes can provide investors with a capped refund. This refund is not available for every investment and there are conditions to be met before one can apply for compensation. Legal Floris LLC collaborates with Central Banks, Securities and Exchange Commissions and other (European) Regulators to verify the possibilities of filing a claim under a domestic ICS. To optimize our efforts and limit the risk for individual customers, we always aim for collective action against alleged fraudsters and advisers accused or torts and other civil wrongs against their customers. This method allows us to work efficiently while keeping our initial fees low and combine a periodic retainer with a performance fee upon recovery.

Fund recovery by investor compensation schemes is only a part of the strategies we use to get investors their money back. However, by combining different recovery actions, we strive to get as close to full recovery as possible. Therefore, our clients participate in a group effort consisting of a variety of legally sound and individual collection procedures.

During recent years, Legal Floris LLC supported several hundred victims of bank failures and investment fraud. The total portfolio of customer claims currently exceeds 700 million Euro and is rising due to the constant rise and growth in fraud against novice consumers. Our goal is to group customers with a similar problem with one single (corporate) investment adviser or financial institution that resulted in heavy losses for the group. Not all investment losses are subject to a potential recovery and we do not want investors to believe the contrary. Therefore, we invite victims of alleged investment fraud and those who think a civil wrong or criminal act resulted in a loss of their investment, to contact us via the form below.